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A 2017 report by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that just 18 percent of Black eighth-graders reach reading “proficiency.” And in 2015 NAEP found that only 17 percent of Black 12th graders were proficient at reading.

Ref. NAACP Crisis Magazine

Why Images Matter

The Doll Test looked at 253 black children aged three to seven years old: 134 of the children attended segregated nursery schools in Arkansas and 119 who attended integrated schools in Massachusetts. They each were all shown four dolls: two with white skin and yellow hair, and two with brown skin and black hair. Each student was asked to identify the race of the doll and which one they preferred to play with.

The majority of the black students preferred the white doll with yellow hair, assigning positive traits to it. Meanwhile, most discarded the brown doll with black hair, assigning it negative traits. HowardU-educated Mamie Clark concluded that black children formed a racial identity by the age of three and attached negative traits to their own identity, which were perpetuated by segregation and prejudice.

Ref. Smithsonian Magazine

Missing Culture

The US doesn’t have federal requirements for teaching Black history in school curriculums, and only a handful of states have mandated it. Existing curriculums lack Black perspectives and sanitize versions of Black history. In order to help solve the problem, teachers – and all parents – can work to promote Black perspectives, and develop curriculums that explore multiple themes within Black history.

Ref. Insider

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